Project Description

Arramara Teo  is Ireland’s largest processer of seaweed and has been in operation since 1947. The seaweed  is harvested to produce soil fertilizer, animal feed and alginate used in the food processing industry.

Located in the native Irish speaking Gaeltacht area on the west coast of Ireland they had previously been using large amounts of coal to power the drying process but made a strategic decision to change to wood pellets.

Following an initial site visit, Biomass Silo Systems were contracted to design, manufacture and install a 50.0 ton silo and feed system to suit the requirements of the business.

A 50.0 ton capacity pellet store measuring 4m X 4m X 6m high was first assembled on site and then a dual auger system transporting the pellets from the silo to a bucket elevator was installed.

The pellets were then transported from the bucket elevator to the rotary drying furnace inside the facility.

Arramara have been able to make huge savings on their old coal fired system and massively reduce their carbon footprint which was important given their position on the scenic West Coast of Ireland.

The volume of pellets they were using circa 80 tons a month during peak season also allowed them to negotiate further discounts from pellet suppliers.

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